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Finest aftermarket BMW Motorcycle exhaust muffler systems

We are very proud to offer you the very best quality in every possible way if you are looking to replace or upgrade your original BMW motorcycle muffler.
With the Dobermann Performance motorcycle muffler, the quality, looks and especially the deep and controlled powerful sound will add quality in every possible way to your motorcycle.
This is about increasing your riding experience as well as a general upgrade toy your BMW motorcycle.
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Upgrade look and performance with a exhaust muffler from Dobermann Performance.

The aftermarket mufflers from Dobermann Performance is made in two high quality versions using only the best possible raw material, workmanship and packing.
We focus only on titanium cover shields. One Full titanium version where only the very best Japanese titanium quality is used making the total product and one version where the inside is made using only high grade stainless steel.
The look is the same for the two versions of our aftermarket motorcycle exhaust mufflers , but of course, the weight is quite a bit lower on the full titanium performance muffler version compared to the semi titanium aftermarket BMW exhaust muffler for your motorcycle.
They both offer the same great look but ther eis only one choice if you really want to catch the lowest weight and higher performance.
You can change your existing BMW performance muffler with the full titanium aftermarket BMW motorcycle exhaust muffler from Dobermann-Performance or choose the just as good looking semi titanium aftermarket exhaust muffler which still will be considerably lighter than the original mounted BMW exhaust muffler.
All Dobermann aftermarket exhaust mufflers includes a top grade very nice looking carbon heatshield and all you need to get this performance muffler on your BMW motorcycle.
Dobermann Performance aftermarket mufflers are carefully inspected in regards to our strict quality standards and high demands for looks and workmanship in every way. All parcels leaving our warehouse are packed using highly protective materials and strong shipping cartons.


Easy muffler installation - Made to fit

Dobermann- Performance mufflers will always fit your existing headers and brackets on your motorcycle.
Some people call it slip on, we call it “ made to fit “ - no matter if you choose to connect the exhaust to your current headers or you choose to make the perfect upgrade with also buying one of the Dobermann-Performance headers this will absolutely be an improvement. No matter what you choose the result will be great.


Adjustable performance from our special DB-Killers

With our special adjusting system developed for our DB killers, you can freely adjust the sound to your requirements and personal taste in a number of ways.
Even if you are looking for the raw and unspoiled sound from your engine, you can easily remove the DB killers totally and put them back in place if needed.
See all the details on our adjustable DB-killers here!
Dobermann Performance Design House