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Exhaust muffler installation instructions

This instruction is in two parts: first part is on how to remove the existing exhaust muffler from your bike - the second part is about installing your new Dobermann Performance exhaust muffler.

If you are installing Dobermann Performance header pipes too, please see these instructions on header pipe installation.


Exhaust removal

  • If there is a heat shield to prevent you from melting your boot on the exhaust, remove this one first.
  • Next thing to do is to loosen the connection to the header pipes. There may be a separate clamp that you can remove completely, or the clamp can be a part of the exhaust can connection pipe. But there is usually only one bolt to loosen.
  • If the connection is the ”pipe over pipe” type where the exhaust pipe is going over the header pipes, it may be a tight fit, and spraying a bit of WD-40 or similar penetrating oil on the connection will make the removal easier.
  • Next thing is to remove the bolt that carries the exhaust can. It is usually located near the rear footrest. Make sure that you support the exhaust when removing the bolt, because the exhaust may now drop to the ground. (Depending on the type of connection to the header pipes)
  • If the header connection is the ”pipe over pipe” type, you will have to twist and pull backwards on the exhaust to pull the pipes apart. (this is where the WD-40 spray will help you)
  • Again: Be careful not to dent or scratch or dent the exhaust.


Exhaust installation

  • Keep the new exhaust in the box until you are ready to install it. Don’t put it on the floor where you can kick it or drop tools on it. This is really basic, but it happens more often than you would think – so take care !
  • If the connection to the header pipe is the ”double cone ” type, there is usually a compressible gasket between the headers and the exhaust. You can mostly reuse this gasket, but we do recommend that you install a new one (The gasket is not a part of our delivery).
  • If the connection to the header pipes is the ”pipe over pipe” type, you must clean the header pipes connection and we recommend to spray a bit of WD-40 penetrating oil on the connection to make the installation easier.
  • If  the connection between the header pipes and the exhaust is secured by a separate clamp, you should now slide the clamp over the header pipes so it will be easy to handle when the exhaust is installed.
  • And make sure that you have the main support bolt ready before taking the exhaust out of the box. (The bolt that is installed to the bracket near the rear footrest and carries the entire exhaust weight)
  • Take the exhaust out of the box and match it to the header pipe.  
  • It is easy on the ”Double cone” construction where you just match cone to cone (Don’t forget the gasket).
  • If your bike have the ”pipe over pipe” setup, you must twist and slide the exhaust forward on the header pipe until the main carrier bolt can be pushed in place.
  • Yes – I know we mentioned this earlier, but take extreme care not to scratch or dent anything while installing the exhaust. Install and tighten the main carrier bolt. Install and tighten the clamp on the ”exhaust to header” connection, or tighten the bolt on the exhaust connector if there is no separate clamp.
  • Make sure that the exhaust does not touch the rear wheel, the swing arm, or any other part of the bike.
  • Install the heat shield (If present)
  • Go out and enjoy your upgraded bike :-)
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