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Installation instructions


General information

  • It is impossible for us to say if you are able to install your new header pipes yourself or if you should ask your local mechanic to do it.
  • We have no idea about your mechanical skills or the content of your toolbox, but basically it is not considered a difficult operation to install our products.
  • The most important advice we can provide is to make sure you do not rush the installation !
  • Take your time and make sure that everything is assembled correctly and that all items with a thread are tightened correctly. Use the correct tools for the job, don’t force anything in place, stop working if something doesn’t fit and find out why.
  • You want to end up with an improved bike, not to destroy something expensive !
Click the links below to see the detailed installation instructions for exhaust mufflers and header pipe systems.


Exhaust muffler installation instructions

Header pipe installation instructions

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