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Titanium vs. Steel exhausts

Titanium is lighter than stainless steel, and therefore the preferred metal for exhaust and header pipes.

But Titanium is also much more expensive than steel and time consuming to handle in mass production, so that is why your expensive motorcycle is almost always delivered with stainless steel exhaust and header pipes.

So the main advantage in chosing a Titanium exhaust system is the reduced weight. Oh yes – Titanium looks really cool too ☺

One of the big problems about purchasing a Titanium exhaust is that you will not always know how much of the exhaust is actually made of Titanium !!!

Most Titanium exhausts will only have the outer cover made of Titanium where the internal piping is made of stainless steel. This will reduce the production cost a lot, but most exhaust manufactorers will not tell you about it.

At Dobermann Performance we have two Titanium exaust product lines:
  • The semi Titanium products that will have the Titanium cover but the internals are made of stainless steel. This product line can be compared with the top models from most other manufactorers
  • The Full Titanium product line where the entire exhaust is made from Titanium. This is top of the range and will be way beyond what most other manufactorers are able to offer.

And it is also important to mention that Titanium comes in different qualities. In the automotive industry, we are usually referring to Titanium quality as ”Chinese” or ”Japanese” grade – the first one is cheaper, the second one far better !

Dobermann Performance Exhaust and header pipes are obviously only made from Japanese quality Titanium!
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