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Dobermann Performance - Highest Quality Motorcycle Accessories - Scandinavian Design


Life is too short for poor quality aftermarket parts !

Everyone at the Dobermann Performance company are riding bikes, and we care about our motorcycles as much as you do. Our company was actually founded because we were unhappy with the quality and the price of aftermarket exhaust systems. The available products were either very poor quality (and cheap), or horribly expensive, and we decided to offer a better solution.

Our experienced technicians are making sure that every Dobermann Performance product is manufactured from the finest materials and to the highest finishing standards. We are working with some of the best designers in Northern Europe and as a Danish Company, we are taking pride in our clean Scandinavian design.

It is a firm company policy that we are only selling products that we would be proud to use ourselves - So every Dobermann Performance product is made by bikers - for bikers !

Dobermann Performance Design House