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Aftermarket KTM full exhaust system

When Dobermann Performance started to make exhaust system for KTM motorcycles, it was the fundamental idea never to compromise on the quality. The whole process from the raw material we use, the workmanship to the final inspection and packing, is controlled by professionals. This basic principle still gets 100% focus from the whole team.

Dobermann Performance exhaust system will sound and look better, and is much lighter than original system.

There are many things you need to pay attention to when you want to make a full exhaust system for a KTM motorcycle. KTM is a high quality product, and no-one wants to add a lower quality performance exhaust system. So the aftermarket product needs to live up to the KTM brand level.

Our KTM full exhaust system is made from the best steel and titanium, no shortcuts here. It doesn’t matter if you choose a titanium or steel performance header, or the performance muffler in titanium or semi titanium, the welding and fitting is perfect.

Does the KTM full exhaust form Dobermann Performance fit with KTM powerpart luggage and skid plate? YES it does, we have been thinking of everything. It is 100% plug and play.

Please note, that if you fit a Dobermann Performance titanium or steel header on you bike, you will make a CAT delete. This will give the big V2 LC8 engine more flow, and you will fell less heat from the engine and exhaust below you.

The KTM performance exhaust muffler from Dobermann Performance comes in 2 versions. 1 is 100% Japanese titanium, inside and outside. Our semi titanium is made with titanium outside, and steel inside. The muffler fit the original header pipes as well as the Dobermann headers.

No matter what you choose, you will have the same advantages with the easy removable DB killers. The DB killers a made with a unique sound adjustment feature.

If you jump to the gallery, you will find some photos and detailed explanation.


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