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Perfect choice for upgrading your existing KTM exhaust muffler.

Dobermann- Performance is offering a carefully selected range of aftermarket KTM aftermarket mufflers for taking your KTM motorcycles performance, look, quality level, and general appearance to the next level. The manufacturing unit and production team of our aftermarket mufflers for your KTM motorcycle are carefully selecting the very best metal quality in regards to quality level of titanium and steel. Our company will make sure that nothing will disappoint our customers and their high standards and expectations to the quality of their aftermarket KTM exhaust mufflers.
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Aftermarket exhaust muffler with low weight and top quality.

Exhaust Mufflers from Dobermann- Performance are made in two versions only using the highest possible levels. We are running a semi titanium version where the cover parts are made only of high grade Japanese titanium and carbon fibers – the inside is made using only high quality steel. We focus only on full titanium cover shields. The second version is the full titanium version where all metal parts for body and pipes are made of same high grade Japanese titanium as for all other products from the Dobermann Performance range. The actual look is the same for these two aftermarket KTM exhaust mufflers. For the full titanium version the weight is quite a bit lower compared to the semi titanium muffler version. In fact the Dobermann full titanium muffler is less than half the weight of the original one. This will improve your power to weight performance quite a bit.


Reduced weight – great sound – perfect finish and look.

No matter which of these aftermarket exhaust muffler versions you choose for your KTM motorcycle the sound will be awesome and something else. The sound can be adjusted using our adjustable DB killers in numerous ways – or you can open up totally by removing both DB killers. You can set your personal sound settings using only a short time working on your new aftermarket KTM exhaust muffler. Our DB killers can very easily be removed and reattached to the exhaust muffler on your KTM motorcycle. Your muffler your choice.
All exhaust mufflers is shipped included a genuine carbon fiber heat shield and everything else you need to get these exhaust mufflers on your KTM motorcycle. All mufflers leaving our warehouse is inspected several times during and after production. Last inspection is made just before we close the box and attach the freight labels – we are doing all we can to make this as good and safe as possible for you.
Exhaust Mufflers from Dobermann-Performance will always fit your exsisting headers and brackets. You will be happy upgrading your KTM muffler with one of our exhaust mufflers or you can go “ all in “ and buy the full upgrade with both our mufflers and KTM aftermarket exhaust from Dobermann Performance. The result will be second to none no matter your choice.
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