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Aftermarket KTM exhaust headers in “eye candy” quality only.

When it´s time to upgrade your performance exhaust headers on your KTM motorbike, the natural choice is choosing a product from the range of high quality products from Dobermann Performance. All parts for our exhaust systems are carefully manufactured using skilled workers only for all aspects of the production. This in combination with a highly selective focus on all raw materials used for the KTM headers in our aftermarket version will for sure give you as a customer and dedicated KTM owner the close to perfect experience.
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Manufactured using only the very best Japanese titanium and steel available.

Everyone involved in processing our products are paying high attention to the titanium and steel quality, precision laser cutting, tig welding, finishing standard and naturally a very safe packing solution for your choice of purchase from Dobermann Performance. We take high pride in our quality and will always make sure that our customers receive nothing less than expected and in most cases a little more.
Dobermann- Performance KTM headers are produced in both 100% titanium and steel. No matter which one you choose it will be a serious visually upgrade of your KTM motorbike exhaust system. Choosing both the steel version and the titanium upgrade of our KTM exhaust headers will delete the CAT for better performance and flow when driving your KTM motorcycle. The titanium version of Dobermann- Performance KTM headers will furthermore save weight compared to the original KTM headers on your KTM motorcycle. This will absolutely give your KTM motorcycle improved power to weight ratio and make sure that this together with the better sound after deleting the CAT will bring a better riding experience.


Improvement on all parameters.

You will not have any problems at all fitting these Dobermann- Performance headers on your KTM motorcycle. All headers supplied will perfectly fit the space between manifold and muffler including the space between brackets etc. Do not worry. We do recommend using new exhaust gaskets when upgrading to The Dobermann´s KTM exhaust headers.
Every piece is controlled several times before it is released in regards to meet both the high demands for quality and the looks. We will make sure that you receive only the best for your BMW motorcycle – if its titanium or steel .. it must be perfect.
Dobermann Performance headers can be used separately or in combination with original KTM Mufflers. You can choose to upgrade all the way and by choosing a BMW aftermarket muffler from Dobermann Performance range.
Dobermann Performance Design House