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Exhaust header pipes for BMW - Titanium and stainless steel versions

Upgrade your BMW motorcycle with a new set of exhaust headers made 100% of top quality Japanese titanium only or choose the cheaper solution with the extreme value for money stainless steel headers manufactured with perfect welding and finish.
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Improving your motorcycle exhaust - weight, looks, sound, and performance

Both the titanium and steel upgrades will change your motorcycle in several ways. Steel will make everything look nicer and for sure be serious eye candy and titanium headers will not only give you a fantastic look on your bike, but also it totally gives the special look and blue color that only top quality titanium brings to your performance headers.
The weight of the titanium headers from Dobermann-Performance is very low and will for sure save weight compared to the originally mounted BMW exhaust headers. Giving greater and better power to weight ratio is the result. And together with the outstanding sound and performance by deleting the CAT you will for sure experience the biggest change and most positive impression possible by updating your headers.


The finest exhaust materials for your motorcycle

The workmanship for our performance headers are at the highest level possible and they are made from the highest quality of titanium or stainless steel. Cutting , welding, finishing and highly protective packing of each item is essential factors to make sure that no customer will be disappointed when receiving headers from the Dobermann- Performance company.
Every piece is controlled several times before it is released in regards to meet both the high demands for quality and the looks. We will make sure that you receive only the best for your BMW motorcycle – if its titanium or steel .. it must be perfect.
All Dobermann-Performance header pipes will fit your existing muffler and without problems at will also fit into the the space and brackets between the manifold and your muffler. We do recommend using new exhaust gaskets when upgrading to a new set of headers.
Our header pipes can be installed on their own or you can also buy this as a total upgrade together with a muffler from Dobermann-Performance.
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