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Will the Dobermann Exhaust increase the power in my bike?

We are probably the first and only exhaust manufactorer in the world to be honest about this question, but the short answer is: No, the Dobermann exhaust and headers will not change your bikes top end power in any significant way !!!

There are so many assumptions and rumors about how much power you can get from certain exhaust systems, and plenty of false promises from the manufactorers too. And you can find loads of false Dyno charts, and claims from existing customers that feel they need to justify their purchase.

But the reality is that the stock exhaust system on your bike is very good from a technical perspective, and you can not change your engines top end Power dramatically by installing an aftermarket exhaust – the factory actually knows what they are doing !

This is not just a claim from our side – independent tests are always showing that an aftermarket exhaust will work more or less as the stock can.

There may be conditions where the original or the aftermarket part will perform better than the other, but it is really insignificant. The days where you could gain 10 % more power from an aftermarket exhaust is long gone.

So the reasons to purchase a Dobermann Performance exhaust and/or header are: Design, weight, sound – please do not expect a fairytale like power increase.

As menttioned in the beginning of this chapter, we are probably the only manufactorer to tell you the truth, but we do much prefer to keep our device in the real world ☺
Dobermann Performance Design House